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Two Year Old Class

Two year olds are beginning to recognize peers and adults other than of their caregivers as people of interest. They begin to develop parallel play and may dabble for moments in cooperative play. They are fascinated with their environment and ask questions about what and where. They are able to recognize familiar objects, pictures, and their favorite books. They make choices and demand independence. They want to show you what they are able to do, and they want your full attention.

At AWCD, we understand your two year old. It is imperative at this time in their development that they are getting positive attention and are in a classroom which has healthy and consistent boundaries and a strong model in the classroom. Children at age two are testing these boundaries on a continuous basis, and it is here that they being to learn appropriate social behaviors and interactions with their peers and caregivers. We acknowledge their frustrations, get down on their level when we talk to them, and offer redirection when they are frustrated. We also work on potty training and basic self help skills so that they begin to build a healthy independence from parents and caregivers.