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Electronic Enrollment Form

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 F.A.C. Regulations

Section 65-22.006(2), F.A.C., requires a current physical examination (Form 3040) and immunization record (Form 680 or 681) within 30 days of enrollment.

Section 402.3125(5), F.S., requires that parents receive a copy of the Child Care Facility Brochure, “Know Your Child Care FACILITY” (cf/pi 175-24), or Section 65C-20.11(2)(c)(1), F.A.C., requires that parent(s) receive a copy of the family day care home brochure, “Selecting A Family Day Care Home Provider” (CF/PI 175-28).

Section 65C-22.006(3)(c)2., F.A.C., requires that parents are notified in writing of the disciplinary practices used by the child care facility, or Section 65C-20.010(6)(c), F.A.C., requires that a written copy of the family day care provider’s discipline policy be available for review by the parent(s)